Become a member

Unconditional Basic Income Europe has currently 190 members from 25 countries.

We welcome all individuals and organisations on condition that you sign and agree with our charter. Members don’t have to pay any membership fee, although donations are greatly appreciated to help us pursue our activities.

What involvement is expected from individual members?

You will be included in our activists’ mailing list and receive our (almost) monthly newsletter.

Members are invited to our annual General Assembly and can participate in our decision making.

Participation in UBI-Europe’s activities is completely optional. In fact, when requesting membership, you may choose to become an ‘active member’. In that case we will ask you to fill in some extra information about yourself, so we can see how to best include you in our working teams and projects.

What is expected from member organisations?

Member organisations are expected to take part to UBI-Europe’s projects by promoting basic income and our activities. For the sake of transparency, a list of member organisations will soon be displayed on our website. Organisations can send one voting representative to our General Assembly

How to apply for membership?

  • You are an individual: please fill in this form in order to become a full member of UBI-Europe.
  • You request membership on behalf of an organization: contact us at

If you just want to be updated without being member, you may subscribe to our newsletter.