A Eurodividend for all Europeans

By François Denuit Europe is in deep trouble – economically, socially, and politically. We need new, bolder and stronger instruments to counter the forces of disintegration. A partial basic income paid to all Europeans – a Eurodividend – could become the policy instrument that safeguards the EU and especially the Eurozone […]

Giovanni Lanfranco - Miracle of the Bread and Fish

Benoit Hamon - Photo: Wikimedia Commons

French Socialist primary election : historic victory for universal basic income!

Benoît Hamon, a vocal supporter of basic income, came out first (36%) in the first round of the socialist primary in France on Sunday. He now has a serious chance to become the final Socialist candidate for the presidential election. For Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) this is a good […]

2016: A smashing year for basic income

The Swiss Referendum, attention from governments around Europe, growing civil society support, mainstream media coverage – 2016 could go down as the breakthrough year for the basic income movement worldwide. Let’s celebrate that! Dear friends! Time to look back, time to look ahead. As we look back, we can be […]

‘Basic income: Arguments, evidence, prospects’ – a briefing for the European Parliament

The European Parliament’s Research Service (EPRS) just released a well-balanced briefing paper on basic income, which outlines the state of play in Europe. The 8-page long document[1] provides a very clear definition of unconditional basic income, and why the debate is relevant now. While the paper does not make any […]

#Basicincome conference in Portugal paves the way for a wide public discussion

In Febrary 2016, an important conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal, focused on basicincome (BI) and its implications. Although similar initiatives have occurred in Portugal in the past, this was the first conference of its scale; it brought together national and international speakers, received a large amount of media attention […]

Interviews and lectures from the Maastricht 2016 conference on Basicincome

Some interviews and lectures can be seen on the website for the conference in Maastricht. Opening of the Congress by André Willems (Seniorenpartij) – Maastricht 2016, Sjir Hoeijmakers on theStatus quo of the experiments in the Netherlands, Guy Standing on What role for a modest participation income? ,Interview Prof. Luc Soete from Maastricht […]