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Sep 14 – Sep 21 all-day
The date for the 8th international Basic Income Week will be 14-21 september 2015 The motto wil be: “UBI: A safety net for life” Activities in the “international basic income week” are organized by collectives[...]
Nov 20 – Nov 21 all-day Budapest
Dear All, We are very happy and of course getting excited about to organize the next (International) Conference in Budapest. What a great chance, what a project ! In January in Vienna we chosed the[...]
Feb 26 – Feb 28 all-day Cologne
We are organising a series of five conferences on the theme “UBI in Europe – Promoting civil society” in order to promote unconditional basic income (UBI) in Europe more information will follow
Jul 7 – Jul 9 all-day
The 16th BIEN Congress 2016 – Seoul, South Korea The 16th Congress, “Social and Ecological Transformation and the Basic Income” will take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, July 7-9, 2016

25% of Europeans at Risk of Poverty

eurostatAlmost 25% of the EU’s population, or 122.6 million people, were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2013, the EU’s statistics office Eurostat said on Tuesday (4 November 2014).

Eurostat identifies a person ‘at risk of poverty’ as someone who is living in a household with an equivalised disposable income below the risk-of-poverty threshold, which is set at 60% of the national median equivalised disposable income (after social transfers).

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Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income

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What is Basic Income


An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is an income unconditionally granted to all members of a political community on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement. Unlike existing minimum income schemes in european countries, UBI is universal, individual, unconditional, and high enough to ensure an existence in dignity and participation in society.

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What is UBIE

D_member_ubie_bw_stylized_on_blue_centeredUnconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is a network of organisations and individuals who have different cultures, languages, social interests and political and religious or philosophical background, but sharing the common view presented here that a Unconditional Basic Income is a sustainable a long term solution for our societies.

Therefore we work together to promote the idea of a unconditional basic income until we get its implementation everywhere in Europe, and its recognition as a Universal Human Right. UBIE connects activists from 25 European countries. We organise events, coordinate campaigns to push the unconditional basic income.

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Our History

logo-UBIEUBIE stems from a European Citizens’ Initiative which started in April 2012 and ended in january 2014 after having collected more than 300,000 signatures in the European Union. The organisers of the initiative decided to move one step further by establishing an official network and pursue our goal to get the basic income implemented everywhere in Europe

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