Dear supporters,

UBIE is now officially registered as an international non-profit organisation in Belgium. We are ready to take the idea of basic income to a new level, and you can help us do this.

We want a better society and we believe unconditionnal basic income is a tool that can help reach this goal if used properly. Help us to push this kind of UBI to the next level !

Never before has this idea been so intensively discussed, and interest is growing throughout the world since a few years. 300,000 signatures were collected in Europe during an ECI; the Swiss referendum is due for the vote next year; several cities in the Netherlands are seriously looking into doing pilot studies; recent poll in France showed that basic income has massive (67%) support. And more good news comes in every day.

We want to go further, and be able to organise all the projects and events which so far are only in our minds. This takes money, so in order to do it, we need your help!

We entirely depend on your generosity since we receive no funding from foundations or governments.

Unconditional basic income will happen if people make it happen. Please donate to help change the world. Even a small donation can make a difference.

All donations will be gratefully accepted, from small to large.

You can donate directly via IBAN transfer:

UBIE Brussels
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